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Technical support

Availability and speed

All our machines are delivered with a comprehensive technical manual, which provides a technical description of the machine and its maintenance recommendations. By following these recommendations you can guarantee the optimum operation and correct conservation of the machinery.

In addition we deliver a list of parts that might be susceptible to breakdown or replacement during the first two years of life of the machine. This set of spare parts can be bought at the same time as the machine if required. All the articles are correspondingly referenced and are made by brands with recognized prestige in the sector.

We are happy to deal with any requests for spare parts from our clients, regardless of the age of the machine.

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Preventive Maintenance

Technical Assistance 24h, maximum availability 24h, 365 days of the year

Preventive, corrective or evolutionary. In order for your packaging machinery installation to have as few stops as possible, and to maintain the desired level of production, proper maintenance must be performed. At Teymasa we provide various maintenance services, depending on your needs. First, we offer preventive maintenance, which is performed periodically to avoid possible system failures. On the other hand, we also give corrective maintenance, which is the punctual service intended for the repair of a breakdown. And, finally, we are experts in evolutionary maintenance services, which is performed to adapt an installation to the new functions, for whatever reasons (changes in requirements, regulations,...).

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Whatever your industrial desing or requirement mey be, we can help you to optimize it

Our consultancy department places a team of highly qualified professionals at your service to help you find the ideal solution to your specifications and expectations.

At Teymasa we offer a consulting service for production departments. Many times there is no need to acquire new machinery but rather making existing machinery more efficient, redesigning processes and optimizing own resources.



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Safekeeping of Spare Parts

Delivery of the affected element within the agreed deadline

Reception of spare parts, materials and equipment, in the established time. We guarantee a service in case of emergency or unforeseen.

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Remote technical assistance

Our specialized technical team, serves the customer remotely through the internet, to facilitate support and resolve doubts and incidents, in order to provide the most efficient solution and remedy the problem immediately.


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