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Information on the use of cookies

Cookies may be used on some pages of this website. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the service we offer our clients and visitors.

Cookies are small data files generated in the User’s computer which provide the following information:

* Date and time of the last time the User visited the website.
* Content design that the User chose on their first visit to the website.
* Security element that helps to control access to the restricted areas.

What cookies may be used on this website?

Technical cookies

They are solely used to allow the User to browse the website.

Only the cookies that are strictly necessary

They are used to provide the service requested by the user, such as the cookie that has to be installed in order to make a payment, start a session or access a private zone on the website.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are used to track and statistically analyse User behaviour as a whole. They may be the cookies used by Google Analytics, for example.

Marketing and advertising cookies

These cookies allow for personalised adverts and banners and collect statistics on them.

Cookies from social media and other plugins

These cookies allow the website’s content to be shared via the websites of third-party social media.


The User may choose which cookies they want to operate on the website or may deactivate them via the settings on their browser. (Some cookie deactivation systems may entail installing a ‘rejection’ cookie on your device in order for our deactivation choice to work).