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  • Up to 60L
  • Automatic filling process
  • Entry/exit motorized conveyors
  • Up to 3 filling nozzles in line
  • Automatic capping system
  • 10 - 30L

Production rate

  • Up to 440 Units/h

Automatic Jerrycan/Pail Filler, PA-30

Here you will find the perfect solution to optimize your liquid filling processes in jerrycans with efficiency and precision.

Our automatic jerrycan fillers are cutting-edge equipment designed to meet the needs of the packaging industry. With state-of-the-art technology, these machines will enable you to package your products quickly, safely, and with high production capacity.

What advantages do our automatic jerrycan filling machines offer you?

Let us show you some of the highlighted features:

  • Efficiency and precision: Our filling machines are equipped with highly accurate dosing and filling systems, ensuring uniform and precise filling in each jerrycan. You will save time and avoid product waste.
  • Versatility: Our equipment adapts to a wide variety of jerrycan and pail sizes, from standard to custom options. You can fill different types of liquids such as oils, detergents, chemicals, beverages, among others.
  • Complete automation: Thanks to their automated operation, our filling machines reduce the need for manual labor and minimize the risk of human errors. This allows you to optimize your resources and increase production capacity.
  • Quality control: Our filling machines feature integrated quality control systems that verify the integrity of the packaging, ensuring each jerrycan is properly sealed and meets the required quality standards.
  • Easy operation and maintenance: Our machines are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, facilitating operation by your staff. Additionally, they are easy to maintain, minimizing downtime.


At Teymasa, we can provide you with detailed information about our automatic jerrycan filling machines, including technical specifications, images, and demonstrative videos. We also offer personalized advice to customize our solutions to your specific needs and requirements.

Don’t waste any more time and improve your packaging process with our automatic jerrycan filling machines. Contact us at Teymasa and request information! We are ready to be your ally in the success of your business.

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