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Our history

Teymasa was founded in 1979, and since then it has been supplying different filling equipment to the most prestigious multinationals in the chemical and petrochemical sector mainly. After more than 40 years of experience, its ability to adapt and innovate has given way to the integration of industry 4.0. with advanced robotics equipment, artificial vision among other technological advances. Teymasa's team has been strengthened with specialists in each of the areas and renewed with the incorporation of young professionals who provide a more complete vision of the design and manufacturing of its equipment. At Teymasa we are proud of our history, committed to our present and excited about our future.

  1. First filling machine for export (Madagascar).
  2. First ATEX filling machine.
  3. Equipment for all plants of multinational companies.
  4. First automated warehouse for full drums.
  5. Filling machine with artificial vision.
  6. Fully automatic filling line export to China.
  7. Totally automatic plant (Quimidroga).
  8. Entrance to the investment group.
  9. First depalletizer for full drums.
  10. Automatic multi-format filling machine.
  11. I&D: automatic capping station for buckets.
  12. Teymasa opens its second production plant.
  13. New markets including mining and metallurgy.

Our numbers

It is the leading company in the packaging sector, by volume of business, by technical and electromechanical qualification. Such leadership is the result of an efficient provision of our resources, quality policy and customer service, work that is reflected in:


Teymasa Years




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Discover us

Our history, our goal, our projects. You have many things to discover in Teymasa.